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A Long Stretch of Nothing and then a Burst

It was only yesterday that I was finally able to actually take a look at all the stuff that makes the website work. I discovered a lot of features I didn't realize I could use with my recently upgraded plan. So I spent what was left of a quite busy weekend on tinkering with and updating this site.

Now I have a free subscription through which I can update everyone interested in the site and its contents. Do look out for announcements, special offers, and even random giveaways. Be among the first to know about upcoming sales and if you're curious you can also get to see more closely what an artist's daily life is like. (And you'll realize that all those IG posts are really just blinks amidst long periods of nothing much happening at all.)

I've set up a rewards points program that I'll introduce when the shop is ready. You earn points with purchases and exchange the points for rewards.

Since the mess with the birdsite, I have gained a renewed appreciation for having my own site where I have the most control over what to post as well as having a record of my posts. I lost ten years' worth of writing when I got locked out of my account through an unknown error and by that time nothing was working as it should be. I couldn't regain access and thus could no longer download my archive. I was among the early movers to Mastodon.

Thus now I am determined more than ever to make the most of this precious tiny space on the web that I can call mostly mine. Of course, if Wix shuts down there's nothing I can do much, is there? But in the meantime, expect regular posts of one kind or another.

I am not a cheery kind of artist. I write mostly about the real-life struggles of making art. My creative life is hard-won and continues to present me with challenges. My Instagram-worthy highlights make up with frequency what it lacks in scale. As you get deeper into this Wildforest you will understand why.

Explore and take a look around. The shop is still a work in progress but I intend to make a launch before the year ends. It's going to be a fundraising for my dad's surgery.

To all who have subscribed: WELCOME. I hope you find something you need.

Here are some close-ups of my studio and the chaos I try to contain.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight!

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