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A Shadow speaks (in the time of the Dreaming)

So I hung around closer to the surface after I felt her fall. Damn. You should see the bruises but she brushed them off and smiled that sweet (foolish) smile. I wanted to shake her until she snaps out of it. But I have to admit, I got curious. She can be sensible (well, one of us has to be, haha) and I know she does not pursue lightly. She does not love lightly. Damn, I thought. Here we go again. We were both doing fine with the fantasy stuff. She'll feed us all these books, anime, drama series, and movies, and then at night, in dreams, I get to run the show, chasing dragons and making out or fucking with whomever I happen to summon. That's how she lets me play because there wasn’t much she could do for me in broad daylight and in real life - in every sense of the phrase.

That last guy who rejected her -- well, I just flat out refused to stick out even a finger to help her. No matter how she tried to convince herself and me that we're all in it together. I just turned away and refused to cooperate. I mean, what the fuck was that? I could clearly see she was grasping at nothing (it was probably even a rebound, I forget). In any case I'm not wasting precious energy trying to force a connection with that uninspiring and uninspired soul. I hibernated. That's what I did. I hid even from her. For quite a long while.

But now I'm awake and there's all this fuss and stirring and she is tripping all over herself. Again. I stretched, cracked a few knuckles, and tagged along. And then.

There was this soul energy that slammed into me. Like fucking threw me off and knocked me against her who sort of jumped in surprise and had to actually look at me. You see, she never really looks at me. She just sort of glances at me from the corner of her eyes. Like she's ashamed or afraid or both. (But now that she has taken a good look I think I'll have her draw a picture of me — I should remember that.) Now, where were we? So I crash into her hard and she realized then how close I actually was to the surface which also surprised me a bit because I have never come out this far. So there I was caught-off-guard and I looked around and saw she has all her soul portals unlocked, her walls were down. A rather alarming sign, I thought. And she was spilling off energy, thrumming with it. But this was not what knocked me down. So I looked at her hands and I saw she was holding not just her soul threads but another set of soul-threads, all sort of tangled up with hers, shimmering in and out and through. That's where the energy that knocked me down came from. Without a word, I put my hands on her hands.

And I saw him. The soul who got her all agitated and sickeningly happy and in love and in despair.

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