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A sleight of hand and suddenly it’s October

September went by quite fast. I had been busy, for sure, but still. September wasn’t too hard on the outside but it wasn’t easy on the inside too. My spirit feels beaten to a pulp. My heart is a sore loser of a thousand battles I didn’t even know were waged.

I want to catch up but I feel lazy about catching up. And then I end up admonishing myself for not keeping to a daily journal writing habit. Everything is filed in my head, oh so prettily arranged, sometimes hand-lettered, with the occasional witty turn of phrase.

Here’s one thing I can say, at the very least: funds are not too bad. I still owe a number of months’ rent but all other utility bills are paid. We eat three meals a day. The pets are well-fed and getting their vet appointments.

I fixed my room/studio. Suddenly I just can’t keep on making do. I bought cheap but new furniture that better fit what I need. I wallpapered the walls. After more than half a decade I finally have all my worldly possessions in one space instead of being scattered and squattered where they could.

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