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Battle with Brain Fog

Worst fog today. Kept forgetting what I was supposed to do. Then I lose focus. And then I am also so very sleepy. My head would occasionally throb with a dull faraway ache. My eyes hurt they want to shut close so bad. The back of my neck hurts, the pain trails to spread over my shoulders. It's hard to come up with words and from sentences while trying to string together the logic of what I am composing and calling up various references in another area of my brain.

Normally I'd panic for not performing enough but today everything just seems so distant and blurry. I haven't been getting enough sleep. Stress levels are at an above-average high. Anxiety and depression kept at bay by a fresh new prescription from my doctor -- thank goodness for that -- but it's a thin wall.

When I lose focus my mind flatlines. Goes blank. Floats in a limbo of random slippery thoughts. I'd catch myself staring into that proverbial space. And I'd come back to where I'm sitting, and the fatigue catches up again, making itself felt with sharp edges or crashing waves.

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