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Because I Want to be the "You" in the Love Songs

I am a firm believer in accepting people as they are. I want to be accepted and loved for who and what I am.

But I also know and love myself enough that I know this is not yet what I really am. I am still growing, I am still becoming. I am aware of my faults, flaws, and shortcomings. I want to be better for myself first. I want to be the me that I see inside. I want to be as true as possible to the me I meet in my dreaming. But beyond the flaws to turn into powers, there are still gifts inside me I haven't opened, or gifts I haven't even realized I have.

I want me to be me for myself, first. I want to get a grip on that real core of myself.

I want to be brave even when I'm afraid. I want to be able to muster up the strength I need when it is called for.

I want to be kind, to myself first and foremost. I want to love. I want to know myself as beautiful.

I want to blur borders and break barriers within myself, and to expand that freedom outside of myself.

I want to stop apologizing and making excuses for my life, for my choices, for what my heart wants.

I want to dream without fear and regret again.

The void is an old friend from my young, foolish (but magic-touched) years. I want to learn leaping into it again. The good ol' rabbit hole. Without hesitation. Without second-guessing. Without premeditated maps.

I need a re-enchantment. A fairy tale forest rising from graveyards.

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