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Burning Sage on a Dark Moon

According to the calendar, the new moon will be up sometime Monday (tomorrow). So I caught up on a lot of things yesterday and today, especially since the past week days have been tangled up with strings of not-so-good energies.

I burned sage and smoked out the room and studio. Then I had a very long think on fixing the spaces more.

I have been saving up the space in front of the windows for access so I can raise a small garden on the window ledge but I have now decided to let it go. Instead I will scatter bird seeds and make the space a bird hangout. I will concentrate my garden revival on the balcony in the other room (and also turn it into a small hangout space for me).

Hence I now only need window access to close the windows during heavy rains and I have a movable shelf that lets me do it. I am now able to put more storage space in front of the window and keep more things off the floor. I also freed up desk surface space and somehow, it looks like I might finally be able to keep things tidy everyday.

With luck I might also finally blend energies better as I do both dayjob sidelines and studio work on the same desk. So far, having the desk facing the windows has been a significant improvement. All the recent storage investments have also paid off well. I have greatly reduced the list of things to fix in my space.

Only today did I measure how big my room/studio actually is and it’s only a little less than 8 square meters. My former studio space under the stairs has been about a third of this but I had various small extensions and pockets of space in the living room and the entryway (although that always gave me a “scattered” feeling).

I have found a seemingly solid enough forest path to explore — black inks will be a key feature in all current and near-future artworks. I realise I really want more of it. I’m also having tiny epiphanies with the collages and integrating them with the inks and the brights (for which I’ve been known for and appreciated but I will have to courageously let go as needed to be able to move forward and deeper into the wildforest).

A paycheck didn’t make it before the hard lockdown started two days ago. Hence I have to be tight with the cash in the meantime. The country is on a third surge of the virus. I haven’t been vaccinated — since I refuse to lie about my status just to get ahead, and I happen to be in the least priority group. But I have filled up the necessary forms to ensure that I am on the vaccination list, whenever the actual vaccination may happen.

I have revived the online shop and doing my best to keep it active with updates at least twice a week. I made a small sale two weeks ago and the income should have been in my account already as of Thursday but it’s not. I’m following up tomorrow if it’s still not in by the morning.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for dropping by. I’m also doing my best to keep this site as active as I can make it. Do expect more entries in the Artbook, Sketchbook, and Storybook sections. :)

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