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Updated: Mar 30, 2021

I am this, a heavy weight,

a solid sensible creature.

Despite my protestations,

wild exhibitions

and repeated claims to be


I am a structure of order

asking to be demolished.

These tight, wound-up

spools of dreams

woven in my soul-veins

long to be unraveled.

The silences want

to be shouted.

You are a tidal wave,

a forest fire, a lightning storm,

a comet surging

through and dislocating


You want to be contained,

defined, despite your

blatant disregard of rules

and expectations.

You want to be captured,

your sharp serrated edges

defined, your slippery

love claimed, your

brutal truths


Come here, to me,

where I am,

everything with proper

places and timetables,

with my constructs and

philosophies to match

and engage your


I have vast spaces where

you can burn,

embraced by high walls,

papered with

loud written words

and painted pictures,

riddles masquerading

as conversations,

a labyrinthine trap.

I hold frequent

parties of one.

You can crash in,

anytime. Please.

I want to be flooded

by your chaos.

Breach these

boundaries, burn through

these hardened defenses,

sweep me off my feet,

help me defy

my own gravity. I will

leap into your abyss.

I promise to

anchor you, afterward,

give you a safe berth

within the dragon-dwelled

country of my heart.

I will be your

North Star,

the constant of your soul.

You will be my


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