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Half Year Here We Go

I‘d like to say I’ve got Mondays. Heck, I’ll say it. I’ve got Mondays. I’ll reinforce it today and have a status-something on my emails and chats declaring that I don’t do sideline dayjobs on Mondays.

On that note, today, being a Monday, I finally did a studio day. Despite having claimed it I haven’t really used it as a studio day for the past months. I always somehow ended up using it for chores. A lot of chores and quite a few errands. And then also for a lot of rest, the recovery kind. So today I finally used a Monday the way I have always intended to use it - as a studio day. And by natural extension it can also be a shop day - which means attending to shop tasks that are not as fun and tend to be tedious but at least they still fall on the art side of things and still preferable over a day of sideline tasks.

Breaking a few boxes and trying to set up something else other than what seems logical and easy or even ideal.

I lost the forest for a while and terror gripped my soul but a path to nowhere appeared and I found the forest again - or perhaps it found me.

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