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I have been unwell.

Hence I have been mostly off this site. But I am now in the middle of a two-week leave and I am working on recovering my life enough to be able to make this site active again. First of all, I want to continue the fairy tale journey of the Impossible Garden and the Wildforest. Second of all, I want to seriously set up an active art shop here.

There's a long tough road ahead of me. I'm taking a thousand tiny steps that don't feel like they're making any difference but I know they do even if I don't see it.

I have fallen so far out of love that my life is on some kind of flipside of all the heart stuff.

I have been merely surviving, using my work as a camouflage and a shield.

I sought professional help about 2 months ago and that's why I am on any kind of healing path today.

So here I am again, on an nth restart.

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