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Not You

Not you, not you

Just the idea of you

A pinch and a dash

That momentary jolt

Of electricity when

My fingertips

Touched your hand

A memory, a thought

A seed, a clue,

A way-sign not

A destination

I should not be

Confused even when

You seem to see me

It does not matter

We are perpendicular lines

Intersecting once

Because somewhere

The universe needed

A corner, an angle,

But we, we are

Compensated for our roles

By a boon from each other,

I got what I felt was fair enough,

A handful of poems,

A garden of paintings,

I do not know

What you took from me

Only that

My heart is all askew

Beating a rhythm of you.

(From the fragmented tale of the Blue-Blind Boy)

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