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Notes to Myself

Here is something from a journal in 2014. The same lessons come up again and again even seven years after. A few I’ve started to learn better, some I still need to grasp in its entirety.

Fix what you can. Finish what you can. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

For today do what you can at each moment. Whatever is within your power.

For everything else that is not within your power, the power will be given to you when it is the perfect time.

Never underestimate the perfect timing of the universe.

Learn what you can. Accept all lessons.

Weigh everything and know the worth of everything.

Do not waste time. Make each minute, each second, count. Do not leave room for regret.

Believe that every thing you do today, provided that it is according to the calling of your heart and your spirit, will build towards the life that you dream of.

Better yet, start believing that the life you dream of is here now. That you are living it. There is no waiting. You can choose to be happy now. You can live happily ever after now.

What is it exactly you are looking forward to? Everything is here now. There is only today.

Count your blessings. Be grateful.

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