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One step forward

And about three steps back on this recovery road.

My sister has the perfect example from her own life challenges: before she can get to buying badly-needed bras, she needs to have the backyard fixed.

It's all about a long string of interconnected things that need to happen first before we can even get to the heart of what we really want.

Like you have to go through 4 years of college to get into the job you want. Except this time it's for everyday urgent stuff and nothing ever seems to come easy. It's rarely straightforward, there's always a catch or a condition or a compromise somewhere.

And I happen to have many years worth of backlog to fix before I can even begin to try to dream of actually having some kind of decent future if I or the earth even get to survive that long.

The undiagnosed ADHD adds a layer to the challenge, and the clinical depression and anxiety. Hence my daily battles are full-scale wars where the lines are blurred between winning and losing.

How are you doing on this Monday?

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