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Random Ramblings

I have promised myself a full rest this weekend because of the particularly stressful and exhausting work week that just passed. So I'll be jumping from one activity to another as I feel like it.

Started off the morning with a spontaneous book-shopping mini-spree when Facebook's algorithm threw a local bookseller's post on my feed. It's called Cat Hatter's Bookshop and it's the first time I've seen it. Soon I was browsing its latest posts and I was clicking "mine" on unclaimed books and I lost count. So far I remember buying:

  • Lab Girl by Hope Jehren

  • Second Nature by Michael Pollan

  • Fruit Key and Twig Key

  • Life on a Little Known Planet which is about insects

  • The Very Best of the Best which is a collection of science fiction stories

  • A book on Biology from the ancient to modern times

I am on Day 5 of a mostly plant-based diet and I have only been feeling positive changes:

  • lighter feeling overall, significantly reduced bloating

  • much less fatigue, I didn't need to lie down or nap as often as before

  • improved focus

  • more spoons (energy) than the usual -- at least a half dozen added to my bery limited daily supply

I'm still going to eat meat, fish, and dairy but on much-reduced occasions. I also plan to source my meat from ethical shops. This is what I can do to help the planet without having to deprive or sacrifice because that way of doing things doesn't work for me. I am all for moderation rather than rigidity.

Since I started reading more I have been watching less Netflix and Prime.

I need to fix my bookshelves because I cannot find my book on time traveler stories.

I signed up on this new app that's been spreading like wildfire the past couple of days among the young ones. It's a gamified social media app where your avatar does what your status is, and you get to decorate your own room.

This is pretty much what I'd like to do for most of this weekend. Plus a few experiments perhaps on the new air fryer.

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