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Somehow Still Here

And by here I mean on this earth (amidst what looks like a late-blooming second wave of the virus), and in this house (not yet thrown out into the streets for unpaid rent), and in this state of war against defaults.

I could have sought out employment — working from home is now a real option. But instead, I reduced the number of days in a week that I can be bothered by dayjobs and sidelines. I claimed two full days of the “work week” for the studio. Right in the middle of a pandemic where everyone else is scrambling for paying jobs. Here I am being choosy and impossible and very difficult (and yet also complaining why I am always short on funds).

I got into a position where I was working with a different set of sideline clients that had me doing tasks outside of my core expertise but still within my experience range — deep enough to give significant substance to my output. I liked it. My core work has become tedious and tiring. The branching out of what I can do to earn money relating to marketing and advertising allowed me to earn a little bit more quickly if not more easily. The timelines are shorter even if the work can still be intense to the point of toxicity. I always stop before the toxic point. I back out. I’ve had enough.

I also discovered that I can actually pursue a specific path when it comes to my dayjobs and sidelines. Marketing and advertising for specific categories and businesses such as social enterprises and entrepreneurship. Working with clients who are open and willing to listen to recommendations that affect their impact on the environment and nature. Clients who are actually willing to do something real even if only starting small.

Of course, such clients and businesses remain few and far between. But they exist.

Recently I encountered the downside. Low budgets. Being pioneers or potential game-changers, they still don’t have the full big budgets and resources that support surer investments.

But I still work with them. Setting boundaries but still helping. I like waking up in the morning knowing I have dayjob work to do and not dread it.

I’ve been in marketing and advertising for 27 years. Enough to get jaded and want change and be a part of the change.

Meanwhile, I’ve been an artist since forever but only realised and claimed it for the past 9 years. That is another story of income versus integrity.

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