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Sun & Shadows & Nowhere

My last post on daily life is too far back. The gist of the time between then and now is simply the dayjob sidelines. I lost the path back into the forest and I was more ghost in a machine than anything.

To be fair, the sidelines were not that bad. But they really do inhabit a parallel universe or a parallel wavelength of life. When I am on dayjob sideline mode I am not myself. I have to set aside some of my personal core values in order to deliver well on the job. Hence the switch shuts me out of the flow and energies of the forest. And if I stay out and away for too long — usually a week — finding my way back becomes more difficult.

So I lost my way because I have been on dayjob mode for weeks.

But then Shinsekai happened.

(You see, I LOVE Radwimps and Yojiro-kun — it is their music that led me into the forest almost four years ago.)

A fall into Nowhere that was also a falling in love all over again and then a fall back into the wild forest.


This week I made 10 small paintings for a series called Sun & Shadows. The series essentially depicts how Shinsekai’s Nowhere led me through and out the suffocating shadows of daily reality.

(Quite timely, the discovery of Canvy app that made reviving the art shop so much easier that I am willing to pay the $15/month subscription fee after the free month trial. I’ll take it out of the Patreon pledges.)

Today I am on studio and shop mode. Again also fixing the loose ends of old defaults. I hope to stop the vicious cycle of perpetual warm-ups and restarts that sputter out when the dayjob takes it share of a day.

I want to shape my own Shinsekai.

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