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Suspended Days

I must figure out a way to work while on hospital watch. By work, I mean studio and art shop.

My dad should be home from the hospital before his birthday. He will need a long time to recover his usual strength but he will be home and he will get better each day.

I must find a way to earn more money to cover all my dad’s share plus whatever he’ll need for recovery.

My mind is so exhausted I cannot even remember where I’ve put things just a few minutes after I’ve put them.

I need the Muji shoulder bag for efficiency.

(I found a perfect purple bag that belongs to my mom and I borrowed it instead.)

Today so far I have:

  • picked up the laundry

  • bought supplies for my Dad

  • bought lozenges for me and throat disinfectant wash for my mom

  • bought canned peas for lunch

  • received pet supplies that I ordered last night

  • received the special oxygen mask that I ordered yesterday

  • prepared all supplies to be delivered to my dad

  • visited and watered the gardens, apologized to the plants for the neglect

  • made a grocery list for tomorrow

  • will take my shift at the hospital at 3 PM later

  • ordered from Muji online - 2 sets of the notebooks for selling at the Art Mart plus a file box for dayjob files

I don’t know how and when I can ease back into dayjob again. I wish I didn’t have to.

I need to make fund-raising pieces.

I need time to fix the studio.

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