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Yesterday’s art market turned out well. I already earned back the fees for 2.5 out of 3 days. So the next two selling days this weekend will only need to earn back 0.5 days of fees and then anything more is extra income for me.

The extra income will come in handy as my dad may require a CT scan and possibly more medical consults and treatments within the next few months. (The hurdles never end, do they?)

Meanwhile today came with a mountain-load of tasks. I read somewhere that if you can’t meditate for 5 minutes, then meditate for 20 minutes. The point is I have to make time for that which will help me make time and that which will actually help me do better and more efficiently. My form of meditation is writing, such as this one. So I took a pause in the middle of counting out piles for envelopes for hand-stamping and sat down to write this post.

In an hour I will be receiving a call from a company who wants to explore a regular work setup with me - which means a regular paycheck. Which means that if it works out I can wipe out debts within the first quarter of the new year and set a lot of everyday things right, plus be able to properly care for my dad’s medical needs.

If it works out it also means I will need to be more disciplined about my art because it will be considered in the whole setup equation.

If it works out I have to be even more deliberate in my self-care habits to stay healthy and well in all aspects.

I will also have to make definite deliberate decisions about all the other income-earning setups that I currently have. What to let go. What to keep going. What to keep on standby or backup.

Meanwhile I have to remind myself to not be carried away by fears and doubts. I should remember to trust the process and to trust myself.

The household is in suspended transition and it continues to add to my daily stress. Habits and routines to fix, personalities to persuade, finances to manage.

How is your Monday going so far?

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