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Talking with the Trees

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Tell me about the monsters, I said.

Everyone is a monster. It's just a matter of form and purpose. Even the queen of this forest is a monster.

The monster is not always visible. The deadliest ones are often invisible.

The monster form is a true form, or it can be a disguise. But at all times the monster is like the soul manifest, the form always carries a truth about the person.

As monsters, their magic is stronger, for in such a form they are able to tap more fully into the raw power that feeds them. 

We only call them monsters because they are strange and unfamiliar. Also terrifying. They disturb, they question, they challenge. They test the limits of what we can accept, of what we can love.

In the end, it is really all about love. What we give, what we receive. Whether we do give or receive at all in the first place.

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