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The Long and Short of it

I have always been pressured to write nice longish blog posts and when I can't then I don't write at all. Which is an easy path to not posting anything for long periods of time. And yet I find myself fairly prolific on my social media where keeping it short is usual.

It is dismaying what is happening to Twitter as it is the one place where I like what and how I write. I have already joined the migration to Mastodon and currently getting a feel of the new place. So far, I am liking what I see and what I can do. It was a timely move because for some reason I was suddenly logged out of my account and could not log back in and no verification codes were getting sent. But I feel bad about my Tweet archive which I was planning to download right before I was logged out. That's more than 10 years of writing.

Anyway, that move to Mastodon seemed to trigger a certain train of thoughts and tasks and feelings and I am reminded once again of how often I neglect this website even while I pay a good chunk of monthly fee to keep it going. So I think I'm just going to let go of the pressure to write long and write in whatever way feels best as long as I keep on writing as often as I can. I am also thinking I would like to have a kind of official hub for all my posts across the web that is under my own account and control. IFTTT has gone subscription so I lost my automation between my social media and my Evernote, and I cannot keep up with manually clipping all my posts. I have not had the time to sit down and get to know Zapier and I have yet to check if it's a paid service too.

So, expect more activity here in the blog and expect both long and short entries. It will be like a mishmash of a traditional blog + Instagram + Twitter + Mastodon.

I am feeling more keenly now the fragility of things on the web and the cloud and being very gadget-dependent. I am recently having trouble too with my Photo Galleries that got split because I changed from an iPhone to a Samsung. iPhone has become ridiculously expensive and too much of a symbol of a status that I don't particularly care for.

Hence I want to make more conscious and deliberate movements with my digital life as well. I value record-keeping and documentation. I like having proof of my existence and whatever contribution I may have made to the world.

This weekend I am going to push myself to get back into handwriting my journals because it is something I have always enjoyed and loved except I have been repeatedly defeated by fatigue since I got back into full-time work. My depression is not helping and I am overdue for a doctor's consult except I keep running out of funds because of the household expenses I need to cover. Since having a regular paycheck I have been caught in a vicious cycle of hard juggling and self-deprivation and stolen splurges that would wrack me with guilt afterward.

Enough for now. There's more I will write about in the coming days.

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