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This is Monday

I forgot to take my meds.

I actually forgot to take them for the past 4 days or so because I was feeling quite well. And now the Thing catches up with me and my mind is slowly losing shape again.

This afternoon's paralysis, if left unchecked, is what will lead to a panic and anxiety attack.

So I may have to take the emergency one tonight and get back on track with the daily one tomorrow.

I spent a good chunk of today tinkering with a humongous task list, wrongly labeled as "TODAY" when it really meant "THIS WEEK" with some spillovers onto the next week.

The weather has not been helping. Severely hot and extremely humid. I've had to coat myself with prickly heat powder because I'm starting to have heat rashes.

Cracking thunder just exploded in the sky. I hope it rains enough to cool the temperature.

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