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What Happened???

Well, a lot. Including coming upon a crucial turning point that got me a little closer to having a life that is more or less whole or knitted together rather than made up of repelling pieces forced together.

I cannot recount all of it now. I will probably tell the story in random short ones. But as of now, I have come farther from where I was as 2021 ended. And in the process I have also become much more of what I hope to be.

I am six months into a dayjob that I finally truthfully do not mind doing. The company is the kind that has space for growth -- the kind of growth where I get to have a say and where ideas are welcomed. It is also a company that cares about the impact it makes on the bigger picture. So I am able to dig up my old work wishlist without shame and dust them off for reconsideration.

My main challenge now lies at home where things fall apart in one way or another.

In my art life, I am still debilitated by a severe lack of energy. The home duties and issues deplete what I have left from a workday. Energy drained and inspiration stained. I am trying to work out a new routine to fix this. When this gets fixed, I believe clogged paths will be opened.

I am able to write this now because I am on emergency sick leave due to unexpected side effects from the second booster shot I got yesterday. The symptoms came out full-blown in the middle of the night and today I still feel 60% of the discomfort.

My next series of posts will likely be small flashbacks just to keep you abreast of why things are what they are now.

I have an Art Mart this weekend and I have not done a single preparation. Hence my plan is to "dig up the pieces from the past and transform them into a future". That is, rework on old finished pieces that have been put away because they no longer carry the kind of magic I needed to move forward. What I will do is harness the magic and make it into something new. I have about two days to do it.

Do send me any good energies you can spare!

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