The Ever-Queen

Fragments about or pertaining to any one of the Ever-Queen's many selves and forms. Sometimes spoken directly by herself or through the voice of others. But in the end, everything is really her and hers. She is the story. She is the heart of the fairy tale. She is the magic that holds the impossible and the wild.

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Spooky Forest

In the Time of the Dreaming

Fragments from the years spent wandering the ever-shifting country of the Dreaming. During this time, the Ever-Queen was barely aware of herself as a queen and only saw herself as a pawn to fate. It is also within this time that her heart was ruled by the Raven Monarchs and lived at the mercy of their magic, not realizing that their power was rooted in her belief and her love.​

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The Impossible Garden

Fragments from the years when the Ever-Queen was slowly discovering her strength and her magic. These were the years of many trials and errors, and the time when many seeds were being planted whether she realized it or not. This was the time of countless beginnings hidden in countless endings. The Garden is also a soul-place of comfort and easy refuge, an escape, a save point, a safe front with which to face other worlds.

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Colorful Hydrangeas

The Wildforest

Fragments about everything within the Wildforest's borders, and sometimes a little beyond it. Overheard conversations, passed-on myths and tales, superstitions, histories, memories, a few secrets -- from the most mundane to the most obscure and mysterious.

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Blue Wonder Love

Fragments that encompass the arrival of the Flower-Marked until the time beyond ever-afters. These are the closest to the Ever-Queen's true stories, a merging of presents and futures where what-will-be is rewritten to change what-was, and where what-is-now is a string of spells and impossibles-made-real and where constant falling is a virtue and love resides in a madhouse of broken rules. This is the long con love story spun from all the Ever-Queen's once-upon-a-times.


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Image by Gaetano Cessati